Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Hubpages articles

I have uploaded a number of articles on Hubpages recently, covering a number of topics from hurricanes to children's books and food of Ocean City.  I wrote a hub on Great Hurricane Books, which gives suggestions on what to read in regards to the topic of hurricane and United States history.  The next hub I wrote is a list of the Best Food in Ocean City, MD.  It covers everything from candy to seafood, to boardwalk food.  Finally I wrote a hub about a children's book i read as a child and my search for it for years.  The article was called Nostalgia: Finding the book that defined my childhood

Do you have Mad Men Withdrawal?

It's been a year since there has been a new episode of Mad Men.  With tense contract negotiations back in the spring production of the fifth season has  been delayed will not air till 2012!  That means the calender year of 2011 will not see one new Mad Men episode!  If your a fan of the show you might be feeling the impacts:  Do you have Mad Men Withdrawal?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Environmental media

Over the last few days i’ve written two hubs on hubpages about environmental themes in particular media. One article was about the new show on Fox channel called Terra Nova. The second one is about the environmental themes prevalent in the blockbuster movie Avatar. The article about the new show Terra Nova is especially interesting!

The Environmental Themed Catalyst for FOX’s show Terra Nova

Environmental Topics of Avatar