Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hubpages November Contest!

Hubpages has contests every so often and for the month of November the Contest was Poem, Fiction and Photography.  It was called The HubPatron of the arts Contest.  If you would like to
 join Hubpages its a great communtiy for writers and artist to share work and make some money off of it!  I submitted a number of entries into the contest, the only requirement being that each Hub (article) be 500 words, in the right section of the website, and include a photograph.  Majority of my submissions were in the photograph section but I also submitted a number of very short stories as well.  I wanted to dabble in poetry but didn't get the chance.  So here are my entries below!  Hope they are enjoyable! 

Photo entries (5):

Short Story entries (3)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Make money on webanswers.com!

I recently stumbled  across a website that's not only interesting to use but pays out pretty well. All you have to do is have a google AdSense account and answer a few questions every now and then.  It's like participating in a forum and getting paid.  The more quality your answer has and the more information it has the more percentage of clicked ad revenue you receive.  The more questions you answer the more chance you have at making more money. I only started in the beginning of October yet I've made cents, even over a dollar a day for the whole month!  If you're looking to make a few extra bucks or help put you over the AdSense payout threshold i suggest you  join Webanswers

Recent Hubpage articles

Here are some links to my most recent hubpage articles which covers an older movie review in relation to today's politics, a simple holiday appetizer recipe and photos from the historic October snowstorm in New England. 

Extreme Weather Series: Snowtober October 29, 2011, the first flakes!

A Holiday Appetizer: Stuffed Celery

Mirrored Politics a film review of Storm Center (1956)

Hubpages Photo Contest!

The hubpage contest this month is fiction, poetry and photos, the idea is to make a hub in the correct category and have the chance to win hundreds of dollars, even publication at the end of the month.  It's as simple as opening a Hubpages account and creating your hub!  I've created two photo hubs that qualify for the contest so far, links below.  The other great thing is everyday they randomly choose any hub enter in the contest to win $50!  It's a lottery within a contest! 

Peace in the City: A Photographic stroll through Greenwich village

Marley"s Winter Wonderland: Photos of my dog in the snow