Monday, April 30, 2012

Starting my vegetable Garden! 4/30/12

After a very warm start to the spring, temps have cooled down a bit, leaving the question of planting on every gardeners vegetable garden has been needing a lot of work lately so today I finally got some extra soil and dug up a small corner to start planting! Although it is too early for many vegetables in southern Connecticut, the unofficial planting date is May 15th, it is warm enough to plant some cold weather plants like broccoli and lettuce! In fact I started my broccoli from seed in a pot on my back deck and finally transplanted them into my garden today! (see photo below) I can't wait to plant more!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Suburban Wildlife Photography

Here's a new photography hub on Hubpages called "Suburban Wildlife Photography" i may make a series out of this one depending on the shots i can get of wildlife in my backyard or in my suburban community.  This hub focuses on photographs of a rabbit and some Robins I took recently.  The rabbit is a frequent visitor to my backyard and is not always easily photographed.