Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Gardening Hubs!

For my second hub of the day, i created a hub that lists all the articles i have written about gardening and greening your backyard.  These hubs have some great suggestions for spring projects around the yard from why street trees are important to why we need victory gardens and how to revive your compost pile!  I hope these articles are not only useful but inspirational!  Read article here:  My Spring Gardening Hubs!

My garden as of May 21, 2012!

Growing Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps!

Just finished a new hub on Hubpages that I have been meaning to write for a while.  I discovered that some kitchen scraps that end up in my compost bin can actually be used to grow more plants and eventually more food!  An alternative approach to gardening!  Check it out here: Growing Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jumping Azalea Bushes 5/6/12

Beautiful azalea bushes in bloom last week at the end of April! These two bushes(yes there's two there) are at my grandmother's house and are at least 40 years old are older!!! They have beautiful flowers in the spring and shiny, wax like leaves all summer. It's weird to say I have a favorite shrub but this would be it!! And specifically these two, which use to act as a hurdle when my cousins and I were young, running down the side yard to jump over it like we were horses (we had good imaginations and my cousin horseback rode). They were not as healthy back then, probably because of us jumping over them lol but now they are better then ever and make a great little hedge, not to mention a beautiful color in the spring!