Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hubpages November Contest!

Hubpages has contests every so often and for the month of November the Contest was Poem, Fiction and Photography.  It was called The HubPatron of the arts Contest.  If you would like to
 join Hubpages its a great communtiy for writers and artist to share work and make some money off of it!  I submitted a number of entries into the contest, the only requirement being that each Hub (article) be 500 words, in the right section of the website, and include a photograph.  Majority of my submissions were in the photograph section but I also submitted a number of very short stories as well.  I wanted to dabble in poetry but didn't get the chance.  So here are my entries below!  Hope they are enjoyable! 

Photo entries (5):

Short Story entries (3)

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