Monday, December 29, 2014

The Oil Men - A Short Story

As Americans embark on an energy revolution, the debate over new energy technologies retard the progress. Many are hung up on the lives they have built over the years of extreme consumption. An almost mystical approach to the world, believing solely that the earth and everything on it is theirs to use and abuse. However this is not the case, as more resources were purged from the earth, the dominion, as the bible refers to it, grew from not just the land, sea and animal kingdoms but a control of the human species, at least for the aristocracy. They began to take control of those who they thought were draining their society. Those that spoke against them disappeared, never to be heard from again. Their power creeping into all domains from government and media to the classroom and living rooms of all Americans. The elaborate ties and incest between those in power and oil was stronger than a deal with the devil signed in your own blood. As the world evolved around America, other countries moved to new energies and technologies, but Americans continued to feed their blood thirsty addiction and obsession of a lifestyle soaked in oil. Those that backed the idea of peak oil, years earlier, could never understand why oil did not run out, emptying the pockets of these few rich men as the last drop was pumped into an over sized SUV. The simple answer is the wells did run dry; however they found a replacement to substitute and expand the remaining supplies to last for years to come, securing their future fortunes. Why would they do this and not move on to new technologies? The answer lies with the desperate grasp with which they held on to the oil industry and now they could never move to a new business without losing everything. This selfish greed among men with too much power and time on their hands resulted in a disturbing extension to the age of oil. 
It took years for anyone to find their secret ingredient to prolong oil production, many who found out did not live long enough to divulge the information. These men that ruled America with puppet strings of oil and pockets deep as the wells in the Gulf of Mexico, worked like business men to get what they wanted. A modest proposal was made to the government with all the added benefits to their new plan. These included a number of problems facing the United States government. The oil men promised the government that if they were allowed to operate with a secret ingredient, it would allow the military to continue on without converting all its transportation to new forms. It promised that prisons would never be over crowded again, crime would be lessened, people would have jobs and the status quo would prevail for years to come. To seal the deal these oil men promised to help settle the debt of the American government over the years. This last benefit persuaded the government to turn a blind eye to the process of the oil men’s refineries. With government control out of the way and the time ticking, wasting money as oil began to disappear, the oil men began to assemble the parts they needed for their new business adventure.

The first stop was the overcrowded prisons. Taking those that had been on death row and prisoners that were serving life in prison without parole. Next they stopped at the juvenile halls, picking out repeat offenders, those without families and runaways. All of this was done under the cover of night with the soft blanket of protection from the Patriot Act and other government permissions. The round up was secret ops meets cattle drive, messy and animalistic, yet planned and executed to a tee. On the way to the private factories, trucks would stop in small towns and large cities offering free beds and food to those that were living on the streets. So far the companies were keeping their promises to the government, as the weeks went by, prisons populations shrunk, homelessness decreased and crime slowed. Future plans for the company included the round up of illegal immigrants and political extremist but that would come once the factories were in full swing and big oil was securely placed as the king of the hill within the energy sector in the United States.
The factories were on private lands far from the semblance and sanity of small town America or the big cities of the coasts. Out in secluded meadows where animals once roamed before the toxic smog and acid rain forced them to migrate. Large factories with multiple smoke stacks arose from the ground like mechanical trees. Deep beneath this barren land the ground was hallow like graves, soul less and darken, salting the earth forever. In these holes of desperation and darkness lay the factories and the future of oil. The Oil Men with their hearts draped in slick black oil, found away to prolong the use of their liquid gold, a feat that could not be matched in history. A problem that was never solved, for to solve it would mean the utter destruction of one’s own morals and respect for their fellow man. Yes the Oil men found the key ingredient, one that would change the history of the world forever, setting the standard for humans as property once again. The secret ingredient is the lifeless human body, for what is life to those with oil money.

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