Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hubpages Articles

I've written a number of Hubpages articles in the last week and want to share some of them!
The first three is a new Extreme Weather series I'm doing, following the extreme snow, ice, rain and tropical weather Connecticut has seen just since January 2011! 

Extreme Weather Series: Crazy Weather in Connecticut 2011 Photos Included

Extreme Weather Series: Once in a 100 year Snow Cover: Connecticut January 2011

Extreme Weather Series: Ice Storm: Connecticut Groundhog Day 2011

Then I wrote an article about what to watch to try to substitute for the absence of True Blood in between seasons, mostly supernatural related television shows, none as good as True Blood but still interesting!

#waitingsucks What to watch in True Blood's Off Season Fangover

Then i wrote another hub on entertainment.  This time on recommendations of what movies to watch during a blizzard.

Movies to watch during a blizzard

and finally an article more geared to Hubbers but also anyone who wants some quick traffic to their hubs, sites, or blogs!

How to get fast traffic for your hub

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